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Disposable Gloves

We offer a variety of nitrile, latex and vinyl disposable gloves ranging in thickness from 4 mil to 14 mil.  Our gloves are specially designed with textured grip, powder or powder-free and examination grade for some.  Looking for a premium glove?  Choose the Raven®, Astro-Grip®, Dyna Grip® or Thickster®; all ready to provide you excellent performance, superior comfort and fit.


Dipped Gloves

Dipped Gloves provide extended arm protection and are excellent for chemical resistance.  Depending on the application of work, we offer a selection of dipped gloves; PVC, Deluxe Neoprene, Extended Length Neoprene and Unsupported Nitrile.  See our chemical chart to know which glove is right for you.


Electric Service Gloves

Electric Service gloves are made with natural rubber construction that provide excellent flexibility and strength.  Both lightweight and durable, electric service gloves have a contoured shape allowing for reduced hand fatigue. These gloves are Class 00-4 tested and inspected to meet ASTM D120 standards.


MX Tool and Professional Gloves

MX Tool gloves are high-performance for impact resistance, dexterity and fit.  Protects against blisters, cuts and abrasions, while offering maximum comfort.  Perfect for handling an array of applications such as packaging, assembly, auto mechanics and tool handling.  Our MX Tool collection consists of MX Slip-On Gloves, MX ProHandling Gloves, MX ImpactGloves and MX ProTool Gloves.


SafeCUT® Cut Resistant Gloves

SafeCut® Resistant gloves are tested for Cut Level A2 to A6, making these gloves high-performance with excellent cut and abrasion resistance. Our collection of cut resistant gloves include HPPE Knit with PVC Grip, Aramid Yarn with Latex Palm, HPPE Knit with Nitrile Palm, HPPE Knit with PU Palm and Aramid Yarn with Nitrile Palm.


Coated, Knit and Leather Gloves

Coated, Knit and Leather gloves provide maximum comfort, dexterity and fit.  We offer nitrile, latex and polyurethane coated gloves in our PawZ® collection.  Prefer leather? Our leather gloves are made with top quality materials for an excellent grip, performance and fit.

Featured Products

Raven® Nitrile Disposable Glove

Whether working on a car engine, painting, or fixing a plumbing problem, the durable Raven® examination grade nitrile glove will help get you through your most toughest task. Engineered with a strong puncture and abrasion resistant, 6 mil nitrile, which performs with supreme dexterity and comfort. Flexible and latex-free, the beaded cuff helps you insert and remove the glove with ease. The textured grip provides enhanced gripping power; ideal when handling tools. Includes 100 gloves by weight.

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SafeCUT® HPPE Knit Glove with Nitrile Palm

SafeCUT® HPPE Knit Glove with Nitrile Palm is crafted with a tough 13-gauge High Performance Polyethylene knit shell made with acrylic fibers to create a form fitting, moisture wicking, cold weather glove. The micro-foam nitrile coating on the palm is a synthetic version of latex, three times more puncture resistant than rubber and stands up well to oil, giving you extra gripping power.  Durable and flexible, this glove meets current ASTM F2992-15 Standard for Cut Level A5.

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Astro-Grip® Nitrile Disposable Glove

New to the collection of nitrile disposable gloves, the Astro-Grip® powder-free glove is engineered to provide you with the ultimate grip with its dual scale texture and high visibility color.  This latex-free glove offers superior comfort, fit and strength.  Ideal for plumbing, janitorial, marine, industrial, automotive and chemical usage.  Includes 100 gloves by weight.

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