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About Hazard Communication

Hazard Communication continues to be one of the top ten OSHA violations in workplaces.  With over 5,000 citations in 2015, lack of Hazard Communication is increasing annually, which puts employees at risk.  Complying with Hazard Communication means addressing the chemical hazards, both produced in the workplace and those brought into the workplace.  The SDS Compliance Center meets the updated Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) 2015. It provides a convenient storage for quick reference of safety data sheets and other safety documents where hazardous materials are present.  Place on walls in warehouses, factories, storage rooms or where chemicals are used and or stored.

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SDS Compliance Center
  • High-visibility
  • Provides convenient storage
  • Instant point of reference when working with potentially dangerous substances
  • Mount on walls in warehouses, factories, storage rooms or anywhere hazardous chemicals are used or stored
  • Meets HCS 2015 Standard
  • Part number: 6000-75 (center) 6000-50 (binder)
Hazard Communication Program Kit
  • Kit includes the necessary forms and procedures to meet OSHA requirements
  • Simple-to-understand, fill-in-the blank type program makes compliance easy
  • Meets HCS 2015 Standard
  • Part number: 6000-50
Safety Combo Kit
  • Raven Disposable Gloves – 3 pack
  • N95 Respirator – 2 pieces
  • Worker Bees Safety Eyewear – 1 pair
  • Silicone Corded Ear Plugs NRR 26 – 1 pair
  • Banded Ear Cap NRR 23 – 1 piece
  • Split Leather Palm Gloves – 1 pair
  • Personal First Aid Kit – 1 piece
  • Part number: 060-5200