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High levels of noise can cause permanent hearing loss when not wearing hearing protection.  Ear Plugs are a cost effective option that can reduce the amount of noise exposure and saving your hearing.  We offer a variety of ear plugs ranging from NRR  23 to NRR 32.  Select from foam ear plugs or silicone triple mushroom design plugs.

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For extra hearing protection, we offer a selection of earmuffs that range from NRR 23 to NRR 30.  Comfortable and convenient, these earmuffs are lightweight and are great for reducing noise pollution.  Our selection includes, Digital AM/FM Radio Earmuff, Professional Earmuff, Standard Earmuff and Foldable Earmuff.

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Banded Earplugs

Banded Ear Caps are ear plugs mounted on a plastic headband and fit comfortably around the neck; ultimately eliminating the hassles of losing individual ear plugs.  Both lightweight and convenient, ear caps can be easily replaced when necessary.  Easy to put on and take off, these ear caps are perfect for intermittent noise environments.  NRR 20.

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Featured Products

Foam Ear Plugs

Reduce noise pollution with disposable Foam Ear Plugs. The pre-shaped, super-soft foam conforms to the inner ear canal for better fit and feel.  Easy to insert, these foam ear plugs are not only economical and a quick solution, but also save you from losing vital hearing.  Our foam ear plugs are also available corded.

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Foldable Earmuff Hearing Protection

Foldable Earmuffs are easy to use, lightweight and provide a low-profile.  Perfect for reducing noise from shop equipment, power tools and landscape equipment. Easily adjust the length by gently pulling down the wire.  Durable and comfortable, these earmuffs have a foldable compact design; allowing for easy storage.

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Hearing Safety
NIOSH recommends using subject fit data based on ANSI S12.6-1997 [or most current edition] to estimate hearing protector noise attenuation. If subject fit data are not available, NIOSH recommends derating hearing protectors by a factor that corresponds to the available real-world data. Specifically, NIOSH recommends that the labeled NRRs be derated as follows:

Earmuffs – Subtract 25% from the manufacturer’s labeled NRR

Formable ear plugs – Subtract 50% from the manufacturer’s labeled NRR

All other ear plugs – Subtract 70% from the manufacturers labeled NRR

1. When the noise exposure level in dBC is known, the effective A-weighted noise level (ENL) is:

ENL [dB(A)] = Workplace noise level in dBC – derated NRR

2. When the noise exposure level in dB(A ) is known, the effective
A-weighted noise level is:

ENL = Workplace noise level in dB(A) – (derated NRR -7)

There are other single number ratings available. For details refer to the Canadian Standard CSA Z94.2. Another single number rating is based on (Subject Fit) Real Ear Attenuation measurements, known as Single Number Rating (Subject Fit 84th percentile) and abbreviated as SNR (SF 84) (for details see ANSI Standard S12.6). “SF 84” indicates that 84% of the users in a well run hearing conservation program are expected to receive at least that much protection.

Risk / Information
Use the guide below to determine what noise levels are both safe and dangerous to be around at your workplace:

140 Jet Engine at 100’
133 Firecracker
122 Compressor
120 Ambulance Siren
115 Sandblasting
109 Diesel Generator
105 Spray Painter
103 Metal Shear
98 Hand Drill
97 Table Saw
96 Router
90 Lawnmower

Risk and Possible Damage:

Immediate physical damage
130dB Imediate pain threshold
115dB Risk of hearing damage in 15 min
105dB Risk of hearing damage in 1 hour
95dB Risk of hearing damage in 4 hours
85dB Point at which hearing protection must be provided 50dB Comfortable sound