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About SAS Safety Corp.

Whether you're a safety manager, business owner or DIY'er, SAS Safety Corp. provides quality safety products and equipment designed to make workplaces safer. As an ISO 9001 Certified company and over 30 years in the business, we are dedicated to protect our most valuable resource: people.

Our Safety Products

We offer a complete line of head-to-toe personal protective equipment; Respiratory, Hearing, Eye, Hand/Body Protection, Protective Wear, High-Visibility, Ergonomic/Traffic Safety, First Aid Kits and Spill Control. We understand the importance of meeting customer’s needs from the distributor to the end-user. Commitment to your satisfaction is our #1 priority!

    • Gloves

      Our hand protection gloves are engineered to provide you with superior protection to get the job done. Choose from a variety of quality gloves that deliver performance, grip, comfort and fit. See which glove is right for you.​

    • Respiratory

      Respirators protect you against hostile enviornments, harmful dust, fogs, smokes, mists, gases, vapors and sprays. We offer a wide range of respiratory options from simple particulate masks to supplied-air systems.

    • Hearing

      Noise related-hearing loss is one of the most prevalent occupational health concerns. Help prevent hearing loss with our hearing protection products that are manufactured to provide you with excellent noise reduction, comfort and wear.

    • Eyewear

      Most common eye injuries result from chemical splashes, burns from steam, ultraviolet/infrared radiation exposure, flying wood or metal chips. We offer a wide selection of unique designed eyewear that is constructed with anti-fog coating, foam padding, UV protection, impact protection, LED lights, and more.

    • Protective Wear

      Protect yourself from paint particulates, liquids, sprays, dust, aerosols and rain with our coveralls, rains suits and aprons. We also offer ergonomic products to help prevent strains and pains.

    • Preparedness

      Keep an emergency kit, eyewash station, and spill control readily available for workplace accidents. Our variety of first aid kits range from single person up to 100 person; providing quality care items and supplies.

    • Hi - Viz / INVUE®

      Be INVUE® with our hi-visibility work wear and gear which meets ANSI standards. Our wide selection includes, safety vests, jackets, sweatshirts, pants and summer wear.

    • Head / Face

      Head and face injury can result into sustained concussions, cuts and bruises. Help prevent these injuries with our full line of hard hats and face shield safety products for all types of work environments.


Whether working on a car engine, painting, or fixing a plumbing problem, the durable Raven powder-free exam grade nitrile glove will help get you through your task. Its superior proprietary materials and high performance grade, rate this glove as the #1 best seller.

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NEW Chem Defender®

ChemDefender® disposable gloves are engineered with a
high-grade synthetic rubber chloroprene material that
allows for superior durability while providing total flexibility
and comfort. Chloroprene, compared to Nitrile, exceeds on
strength and chemical resistance.

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